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State Requirements: Connecticut requires each person owning, operating or managing any food service establishment, itinerant food vending establishment, or food catering establishment designated either as a class III or class IV shall be a qualified food operator or shall employ on-site at least one (1) qualified food operator who is in a supervisory position at said establishment. Qualified Food Operator is a food operator employed in a full-time position who has demonstrated knowledge of safe food handling techniques. [Full-time position means 30 hours per week or the number of hours per week the food establishment is open for business, whichever is less.] Supervisory position means that position of a person who directs and inspects the performance of food service workers. Local requirements vary.

Regulations URL: http://www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/environmental_health/food_protection/pdf/qfo_responsibilities.pdf



Director, Food and Standards Division
Department of Consumer Protection
165 Capitol Avenue, Room 165
Hartford, CT 06134
(860) 713-6160



Training Requirements:

Food Safety Training Required For Managers: Yes

Food Safety Training Required Food Handlers: Yes -

Hartford County (see below)

Certification Exam Required: Yes

Re-training Frequency Required: 2 years

Re-certification Exam Required: 2 years


Local Requirements: Hartford County requires food handler training.